FASD Awareness

Have you wondered the relevance of the ‘red shoes’ on our leaflet and social media?

Then wonder no more! September is International FASD month, with September 9th being ‘International FASD Day’.

September 9th or 09/09 was chosen as a ‘nod’ towards the 9 months of pregnancy, hence the date that was chosen.

FASD Fife embrace and participate in the ‘Red Shoes Rock’ global awareness raising initiative.

The Red Shoes Rock movement started in 2013 by RJ Formanek, an educator and advocate living with FASD.

RJ decided to wear red shoes to stand out, be noticed and have fun in starting conversation about FASD.

The goal is to build awareness and momentum to celebrate International FASD Day (which has now grown into taking over the whole month of September).

If you would like to get more involved with FASD Fife and help us raise much needed awareness get in touch.

If you would prefer a more in depth role and would like to become a volunteer for FASD Fife check out our volunteer brief here.

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