Hello, my name is Judith. I am mum to my son who is 14 years old and who received a diagnosis of FASD 7 years ago. At that time, I felt very isolated, confused and had little knowledge about FASD. I thought I was alone, I didn’t know of any other family in Fife (or further afield) who had a child with FASD and I often became overwhelmed with caring for my son.

Fast forward 7 years … and now we have a local FASD support service in Fife, along with already established and developing services across Scotland.

I am so very excited to be working with FASD Fife, building on several years’ experience of supporting families who have children living with FASD. My message to you is ‘you are not alone’.

We are East Central Scotland's first local FASD service. I hope you find our webpages informative and if we can be of any assistance then please get in touch.

What is Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder?

Mattson, SN, Riley, EP. (1998). A Review of the Neurobehavioural Deficits in Children with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome or Prenatal Exposure to Alcohol.

Did you know?

FASD is 3-5% more prevalent than Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in the UK.

The FASD prevalence rate in the UK is estimated at over 3 in 100, ASD prevalence rate is 1 in 100.

How We Can Help

With appropriate support, children and young people affected by FASD can go on to achieve positive life outcomes, as they mature into adults.

Individuals with FASD have many qualities and strengths and are intelligent, kind, creative, artistic, musical or excel in sport or other areas. It is important to recognise, nurture and build upon these strengths to help increase confidence and self-esteem.

Our Service is here for you, whether a parent, carer or professional (non-clinical) - to help you navigate your journey in raising or supporting a child living with FASD or suspected of having been exposed to alcohol pre-birth.

We provide:

  • Information, advice and resources;

  • Sign-posting to further support and information;

  • Caregiver Peer Support Network (initially this will run virtually due to Covid-19 restrictions, reverting to face-to-face meet-ups, when safe to do so);

  • Supporting caregivers to ensure their voice is heard and taken account of in planning and design of local services, which support and impact caregivers;

  • One-to-one direct work with caregivers to ensure their child(ren) are appropriately supported at home, in school and in the community;

  • Self-care and wellbeing activities, through Fife Curnie Clubs;

  • Training and awareness raising.

Our Counselling and Emotional Support Service for FASD Caregivers and Adults living with FASD is now taking referrals.

Get In Touch

Email: fasd.fife@fassaction.org.uk

Phone: 07540 377707

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