Self-Referrals for Curnie Clubs

You do not need to be referred by a professional to join Curnie Clubs. You can self-refer. If you would like more information about your local Curnie Club we encourage you to contact the Project Support Worker responsible for that area, who will be happy to chat with you and answer any questions you might have.

If you decide you want to join us, there is a membership process to complete. This involves gathering information from you including a snapshot of what life is like for you and the status of your physical and mental health.

  • for Buckhaven Club call/text Jo on 07384 514478

  • for Dunfermline Club call/text Kerry on 07807 011951

  • for Glenrothes Club call/text Kerry on 07807 011951

  • for Kirkcaldy Club call/text Jo on 07384 514478

  • for our Garden Project or Wellness Through Nature Programme call/text Jo on 07384 514478

Alternatively email us - just let us know which club or project you're interested in.

Agency Referral for Curnie Clubs

Support services, health and care professionals, may refer patients and clients to us.

We accept referrals via the Fife Online Referral and Tracking (FORT) system, telephone and email. If you email us, we require the following information: name, date of birth, address, contact number and/or email address.

Not interested in becoming a member - more interested about volunteering with us?

Visit our Volunteering Page to see what opportunities we have available.