Community Bridge

If your are interested in joining Curnie Clubs but feel anxious, and aren't confident about attending a club, we can assign a Community Bridge Volunteer to you. Our Volunteer will contact you and arrange to meet with you. This will be somewhere local to you to help you feel at ease. This befriending relationship can continue until you feel sufficiently confident to start attending a club.

Your Volunteer can also accompany you to your first club visit.

If you want to join your nearest club but think you might need a Community Bridge Volunteer to meet with you first, please get in touch with Donald on 07748631417 or email

We are always on the lookout for more Community Bridge Volunteers. By donating just 2-3 hours of your week you can bridge the gap between people who have become isolated from the rest of us, and restore the quality of life that loneliness so often undermines.

To volunteer for our Community Bridge Team call Jo on 07384 514478 or send an email